Drivers stoned on marijuana test their driving skills

If you watched this video and liked Addy, you can watch outtakes of her here: CNN may have just posted their best piece of investigativ…
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25 Responses to Drivers stoned on marijuana test their driving skills

  1. pixelmagic777 says:

    Now those idiot legislators like Mitt Romney can? finally fuck off

  2. Anastasia Foss says:

    smoking 90% of a gram. is a lot and most people wouldn’t smoke that much. of course you will see some change in people’s behavior after that much. esp? right after you smoke. but the real problem is alcohol. sorry folks. marijuana doesn’t lead to death

  3. foreverjazminegee says:

    Lmfaaaao awsomeee xD?

  4. chris wolly says:

    Remember tho their on recording and doing this for people so a? little anxiety there people. I smoke regularly.

  5. spacewurm says:

    Interesting. But does the average person who smokes pot smoke? as much as they did when they started driving dangerously?

  6. TheDudeChilling says:

    Marijuana Increases Brain Size!!!? —>?? watch?v=jWrMMW3l9Vk

  7. mick jones says:

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  8. RainbowBladezz says:

    they barely smoked shit. A tenth of? a gram! Thats fucking nothing.

  9. kei2kurama says:

    thats better than being drunk and driving really fast. like most drunk? drivers do.

  10. willcapps420 says:

    Notice they picked three individuals who would be most likely to geek the fuck out. I don’t care how much I smoke, one gram, two, ten, hell an entire ounce, I don’t drive the least bit different than? I do any other time. It’s no different than driving “sober”. I guess I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone after watching this video. Cannabis IS NOT an “intoxicating drug”,

  11. daniel ortiz says:

    one time between 2 buddys of mine and myself smoked about half oz
    in about an hour. later i drove home went in the house and started watching tv
    then my mom came out and asked what the fuck i was doing there.
    then i realized? that wasn’t my mom and i was i the wrong house…… i dont know where this story is going….. i need to stop smoking so much weed before i start watching youtube

  12. mrchronoice says:

    Petition on the Legalization? on Marijuana ~

  13. 420TheMega says:

    Fuckin blow? me

  14. jedicoco says:

    Yeah,? cool story bro, you’re not even funny.

  15. CRoigC says:

    hahaha? i love that girl

  16. Mann Kvinne says:

    american drivers suck?

  17. Charlie Rudd says:

    obvious troll is obvious?

  18. spartaman93 says:

    I’d jail you for life , retard? !

  19. JailPotUsersForLife says:

    1) Authorities have determined that marijuana activists were responsible for the Boston Marathon explosions. Many witnesses reported seeing a group of pot smokers laughing, dancing, & passing blunts amongst themselves, shortly after the explosions. In addition to harmful projectiles, the two bombs? also included a large amount of pot, blanketing the area in toxic pot smoke. Video footage shows many runners, bystanders, & emergency personnel choking for air.

  20. JailPotUsersForLife says:

    2) One pregnant woman sobbed that she’s afraid the fetus she’s carrying would be deformed after? inhaling such a large amount of pot smoke from the bombs. On condition of anonymity, a spokesperson for Boston area pot smokers stated to local news that they planted the bombs to bring attention to the pot legalization issue, & threatened to set off more bombs if pot wasn’t legalized shortly in Masachussets, as it has been in Colorado & Washington. Photos available on my YouTube channel.

  21. Quyana16 says:

    Less than a gram? Were these paid actors? Cause I don’t want them blowing it for the? rest of us

  22. fackinsaxy says:

    HAHA i know i smoke way more than that and drive? fine as shit

  23. smoketodie says:

    Addy’s like? Nope! I can do more…lol

  24. Mr69Buttcheeks says:

    Test seems a little biased since two of them were? only occasional smokers

  25. Canadian Pk says:

    i took my g2 test 3 times in canada, the first 2 times i was sober and failed the 3rd time i got stoned with my buds and did the test in his AMG and pass beautifuly, IN WEED? WE TRUST